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  • Penalti Sports bars in Madrid, The best bar to watch football in Madrid

Penalti Sports bars in Madrid, The best bar to watch football in Madrid

The best way to enjoy sports is with friends and beer in hand, book at our Sports Bars and enjoy the best atmosphere in Madrid where you can watch football and all kinds of sports.

Join the family and make Penalti your usual bar to watch football in Madrid. We also have a Futbol Menu with Open Bar of beer and sangria throughout the game.

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¡Free beer if you wear your teams colours!
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[rs_pricing_table icon=»fa fa-beer» feature=»OPEN BAR DURING THE GAME: BEER, SANGRIA AND SOFT DRINK|TAPAS: BRAVAS, SPANISH OMELET, NACHOS PENALTI AND BACON QUESADILLA | + Free beer if you wear your teams colours (You have to stay in the bar 45 minutes before the game)» price=»16€» btn_text=»BOOK» title=»FOOTBALL MENU + FREE BEER» link=»url:http%3A%2F%2Fpenaltiloungebar.es%2Fcontact%2F%3Flang%3Den|||rel:nofollow»]
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After many finals, minutes of infarction, bitter defeats and euphoric victories behind us, we have the keys to the success of the best Sports Bar in Madrid. Bars and sports are our thing!


That a waiter worries that you always have a full beer on your table during the whole game is priceless. Well yes it has it, they are 16€ and includes varied rations throughout the game. Without a doubt, the best way to see football.


We all like Sports Bars full of people and atmosphere, but it is essential to have your space. Therefore we reserve a table in advance so that you are comfortable watching the games.


Clearly you and all the people who choose Penalti as your usual sports bar to watch football and any other sport in Madrid are the key to our success. It’s nice to work with you!


Penalti is the perfect place to celebrate the victories once the game ends with drinks and beer at a great price.

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You are not from here, because everyone knows where to see football in Madrid. Well, in Penalti Lounge Bar, it’s crystal clear! Check out the games we took this week.

And remember, it is important to book in advance to not run out of space.

If there is a soccer match that you want to see and it does not appear there, let us know and we will see what we can do to put it, do not worry. The same if it is about any other sport.😉

[rs_pricing_list header=»GAMES FROM 3 TO 12 APRIL 2018″][rs_pricing_list_item item=»REAL MADRID – LEGANÉS» description=»Saturday 28th of Abril at 18:30″][rs_pricing_list_item item=»LIVERPOOL – ROMA» description=»Tuesday 24th of April at 20:45″][rs_pricing_list_item item=»BAYERN – REAL MADRID» description=»Wednesday 25th of April at 20:45″][rs_pricing_list_item item=»REAL MADRID – BAYERN » description=»Tuesday 1st of May at 20:45″][rs_pricing_list_item item=»ROMA – LIVERPOOL» description=»Wednesday 2nd of Mayo at 20:45″][/rs_pricing_list]

* If you want to see a game that does not appear here contact us and we will do everything possible to put it. 😉

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These are the menus that gave so much fame to the best soccer bar in Madrid:

**Not available in the Champions League Final


– OPEN BAR: beer, sangria and soft drink during the game
– Tapas: Bravas, spanish omelet, nachos penalti and bacon quesadilla


– OPEN BAR: beer, sangria and soft drink during the game
**Not available in all matches

It is essential to book in advance and all must have the same menu.

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The first bar we started with in 2011 was next to the Santiago Bernabéu stadium, on Doctor Fleming Street 3. This corresponds to the visiting side and every time that Real Madrid played at home, from early in the morning, buses and buses arrived with clubs from opposing teams willing to have fun and teach us how each team lives in their local football.

Penalti has been imbued with that culture of football in which every fan, not only of Spain but of Europe, has been contributing its little grain of sand, with its joys and sorrows, with companionship and laughter, with emotion until the last minute, fans who live in their skin the taste of football.

Thanks to that, we are now able to transmit that authentic football atmosphere in all our bars in Madrid and share it with all of you. We have the best bars to watch football in Madrid!

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Penalti Moncloa

Timetable: until 2:00 AM

Capacitance: 150 people

c/ Fernández de los ríos 95, 28015 Madrid

Penalti Reina Victoria

Timetable: until 2:30

Capacitance: 200 people

Av. de Reina Victoria 15, 28003 Madrid

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[rs_blockquote]Do you have or want to create a football club and are you looking for a football bar in Madrid? Penalti is the perfect choice![/rs_blockquote][rs_space height=»15px»]

We turn our soccer bars into your new home in Madrid. We put at your disposal our facilities so that you can enjoy watching the matches, with all the members of your club, in an unbeatable atmosphere. Contact us so that we can tell you all the options. Live football with us!

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